1961 [special edition tin v3]

1961 [special edition tin v3]


  1. Until Before After
  2. Torshlusspanik
  3. Consul
  4. Grand Corridor
  5. Retrofire
  6. Pacify
  7. Solaris
  8. Prisoner Of Conscience
  9. The Earth Was Blue

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Custom ITN embossed DVD tin (190mm x 135mm x 12mm, hinged with clear plastic tray insert) adorned with 1961 script sticker.

Hand assembled package featuring;

• 2 double-sided printed inserts
• Contextual notes with lino print on reverse & ‘+’ rubber stamp (signed)
• Download code for 1961 (instrumental mixes)
• ITN circular (4cm diameter) brushed aluminium metallic sticker

Available exclusively via the ITN Shop and Bandcamp



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