An Ambush of Ghosts

An Ambush of Ghosts


  1. After Great Pain
  2. Sedation
  3. Lipstick
  4. Disoriented
  5. Archaize
  6. White Robe
  7. Cop Shed
  8. Running Scene
  9. Christian Returns
  10. Christian Decides
  11. Silk Robe
  12. Sedation 2
  13. Cop House
  14. Funeral Part 1
  15. Funeral Part 2
  16. Dear Grover
  17. Casus Belli
  18. Syntonic
  19. The Hidden Fortress
  20. Hallucinations?
  21. When I Write to You

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In The Nursery’s feature length original soundtrack composed in 1993 for the now lost masterpiece directed by Everett Lewis. Previously deleted and unavailable, the complete score has been digitally remastered and includes an unreleased bonus track When I Write to You, recorded in 1995.

In The Nursery’s score is crucial and adds considerably to the film’s emotional resonance.
Variety Magazine