Sense [2021 reissue]

Sense [2021 reissue]


01. Blue Religion
02. A Rebours
03. Boy Behind The Curtain
04. Temporis
05. Syntonic
06. Sense
07. Epigraph
08. Memoirs
09. Angelchrome
10. Sinistral
11. Sense Datum
12. Contre-Coeur
13. Dextral
14. Memoirs 2
15. Epigraph (instrumental)
16. A Rebours (instrumental)
17. Sense (instrumental)
18. Solitude

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The 5th release of ITN’s bespoke CD tin packages – Sense [2021 reissue] – corp038.

Featuring 18 tracks encompassing the original track listing plus period alternative versions and mixes.

Custom ITN embossed CD tin (190mmx135mmx12mm, hinged with clear plastic tray insert) adorned with blue metallic foil Sense sticker.

Package includes a hand pulled screen print, black on 125 gram silver pearlescent paper with red rubber stamp detail – numbered and embossed with ITN logo.

3 double sided inserts (160 gram paper) – featuring unseen duotone photo shoot images + free blue metallic foil Sense sticker.

Both colour insert and screen print are stamped with unique corresponding sequential numbers.

Available exclusively via Bandcamp and the ITN Shop.

Limited edition of 150.


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