Twins [2020 remaster] extended limited edition #111-200

Twins [2020 remaster] extended limited edition #111-200


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Custom ITN embossed CD tin (190mmx135mmx12mm), hinged with clear plastic tray insert – adorned with Twins script sticker.

Package includes a 2 colour handmade wood block print on 125 gram red pearlescent paper, embossed with ITN logo. embossed with ITN logo.
Plus 2 double sided inserts (160 gram paper) – 1 colour & 1 b/w.
Both colour insert and wood block print are stamped with unique corresponding sequential numbers.

Extended limited edition of #111 – 200.

Includes tracks from the Temper EP & period remixes.


Timbre  /  Twins  /  Workcorps  /  Profile 63  /  Huntdown  /  The Outsider  /  Judgement Of Paris  /  Joaquin  / 

Intertwine  /  Breach Birth  /  Arm Me Audacity  /  Butyrki  /  Workcorps (Fist Style)  /  Twins (Remix)

Breach Birth (Inception Mix)


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