Cobalt [Les Jumeaux]

Cobalt [Les Jumeaux]


  1. Cobalt
  2. Mizmar
  3. Shin Tiao
  4. Strange
  5. Maline
  6. Futur
  7. Boot Pick
  8. Tungsten
  9. Futur (ruby red mix)
  10. Cyflo (destructive reality)
  11. Miracle Road (waterfront)
  12. Chalice Pick

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An eclectic fusion of diverse inspiration, digital experimentation and sound manipulation.

The title track ‘Cobalt’ takes The Chemical Brothers on at their own game… but with the added bonus of lush orchestral strings, as if performed by ‘deaf musicians’ – playing from the heart. All in all, Cobalt contains a perverse collection of wondrous sounds.

Supplemented with contributions by Beaumont Hannant along with guest remixers The Protagonist and Lunatic Eclipse.