The Calling

The Calling


  1. Tenure 1
  2. Final Metamorphosis
  3. Ensnare
  4. Capture and Control
  5. Third Movement
  6. Tenure 2
  7. Swarm
  8. Inhale
  9. Aspect Dawn
  10. Afterimage
  11. Indicia
  12. 3am
  13. Entoptics
  14. Thenatophilia
  15. Tiled Room
  16. Black Tor
  17. The Calling
  18. Portal
  19. Foul and Feral
  20. Mortify
  21. Tenure 3

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Soundtrack album from IN THE NURSERY.

The Calling is a thematic soundtrack inspired by the Hunter series of books by international bestseller Simon Beckett. A mixture of new music, binaural field recordings, sound design, foley and readings by the author.

  • This item is signed by the author Simon Beckett and the band.