Miscellanea 5

Miscellanea 5



The fifth collection of unreleased ITN instrumentals, remixes and rarities specially prepared for release on Bandcamp.

* The stories behind some of the tracks
The Seventh Seal (instrumental) – a work in progress instrumental mix of The Seventh Seal, a rare cover by ITN – all ready for vocals by Karl Blake. Taken from the album Anatomy Of A Poet (1994).
The Outsider (instrumental) – this rare example of Twins era recordings would have been archived to DAT from ITN’s trusty Yamaha MT44D 4-track cassette recorder. The multiple parts were performed using a Logan String Machine.
Counterpart (pre drums mix) – discovered in the ITN archives was this work in progress cassette (from 1987) of early mixes for the Stormhorse album. This rough studio mix would have been taken away by the band to prepare for the next stage of recording when drums and percussion were added.


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