Shallow Dreams (corp051) v2 USB Flash Drive

Shallow Dreams (corp051) v2 USB Flash Drive


Issued to celebrate the 40th anniversary of In The Nursery’s debut mini-album When Cherished Dreams Come True and Witness (To A Scream) / E984 single.

8 tracks [remastered 2023]

A to I
Stone Souls
Execution’s Romance

Recorded at Revolution Studios 9th & 10th April 1983
Released 1983
Films edited at Psalter Lane Art College, June 1983

Witness (To A Scream)

Recorded at Cargo Studios 4th September 1983
Released 1984
Films edited at Beehive Works, April 2023.
Constructed from archive period footage, slides and imagery.

Written and performed by Nigel & Klive Humberstone and Ant Bennett.

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Credit Card USB Drive* featuring the 6 films (1280 x 720, H.264, AAC) from the original VHS compilation. Transferred from Sony U-matic tape and presented with remastered audio.
Plus 2 new films for Witness (To A Scream) & E984, constructed from archive period imagery.

* 2GB Eco USB Card (made from biodegradable cornstarch), printed on both sides in full colour.
Comes in a standard box adorned with an ITN sticker and number.

Plus 2-sided A6 digital print with rubber stamp detail, ITN emboss – numbered.