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Art & Mind (2019)

Art & Mind is a journey into art, madness and the unconscious. An exploration of visionary artists and the creative impulse, from the Flemish Masters of the Renaissance to the avant-garde movement of Surrealism and the unsung geniuses of Art Brut and Outsider Art.

Featuring hundreds of artworks including Hieronymus Bosch, Francisco Goya, Vincent Van Gogh,……

Fan Club (2018)

A virtual reality film by Vincent Ravalec with Sylvie Laurer, Denis Washing, Mathieu Kassovitz, Aude-Laurence Biver Pro, Astrid Roos, arthur h., Jean-François Wolff And Denis Mpunga.


The film features instrumental mixes of  Crave & Crepuscule by In The Nursery.

Rosso Fango (2002)

A short Film by Paolo Ameli, featuring music by In The Nursery, Dead Can Dance & Craig Armstrong.

Based on a true story.

During a first world war battle one single english soldier, with one single shot, could have changed the destiny of the world…


Drip (2003)

Short film directed by Karl Glozier.

Original music by In The Nursery.

Stave (2013)

In The Nursery provided music and sound design for ‘STAVE’, a short film by Shaun Bloodworth, part of ‘SWARFHORSE – Bespoke Cutting Edge Sheffield’ a citywide exhibition of artworks, created by sculptor Anthony Bennett and Sheffield’s last jobbing grinder Brian Alcock.

Singapore Airlines – Making the World Smaller (2003)

Making The World Smaller

In The Nursery composed the music for this Singapore Airlines global advertising campaign.

Rome (2006)

Dancing with Chaos

In The Nursery’s track Dancing with Chaos (taken from their soundtrack A Page of Madness) was licensed for the Season 2 trailer.

La Femme Nikita (1997)


In The Nursery’s track Woman (taken from their album Deco) was licensed for the La Femme Nikita episode ‘Obsessed’ (Season 1).

The Aviator (2004)


In The Nursery’s track Blackpool (taken from their OST Hindle Wakes) was licensed for the original theatrical trailer.

Game of Thrones (2011)

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White Robe

In The Nursery’s track White Robe (taken from their OST An Ambush Of Ghosts) was licensed for the theatrical trailer of Game of Thrones (Season 1).