In The Nursery release Twins 2020 remaster (corp037), a lovingly constructed package containing handmade wood block print and double sided inserts housed in a custom ITN embossed and laser etched CD tin
Both colour insert and wood block print are stamped with unique corresponding sequential numbers.
Limited edition of 100.

Released in 1986, Twins was In The Nursery’s first full length album.
Following the amicable departure of Ant Bennett the previous year, Nigel & Klive purchased a Yamaha MT44D multitrack cassette recorder plus a Yamaha RX21 drum machine and set about writing a fresh set of songs.
The album was supplemented by Joaquin (from Temper) – subsequent reissues featured the other 3 tracks from that EP.
This 2020 remaster includes period remixes – Workcorps (Fist Style), Twins (Remix) & Breach Birth (Inception Mix).