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Anatomy Of A Poet reissued as extended edition CD tin

In The Nursery are pleased to release an extended (limited) edition of their 1994 album Anatomy Of A Poet with extra tracks, packaged in a custom ITN embossed CD tin featuring;

printed inlay
a hand pulled screen print (metallic copper & black) on 250 gram Naturel paper with red rubber stamp detail, numbered and embossed with ITN……

Signed ITN CD packages on Bandcamp

On Friday June 19th (from midnight to midnight PDT), and every Juneteenth thereafter, Bandcamp will be donating 100% of their share of sales to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

To Stand with Bandcamp and help Support Racial Justice, Equality, and Change, ITN Corporation are making available 5 signed CD packages*;

2CD Optical……

The Basement Tape (1982)

ITN HQ have had a clear up and discovered an innocuous C90 cassette.
The tape is from a rehearsal / practice session dated 11th May 1982, well recorded on a stereo Sony Walkman, containing a treasure trove of lost and unreleased tracks.
Amongst the 7 tracks there’s forgotten gems like I’ll Turn Away, Red Blue……

Bach Interpretations

In 2004 In The Nursery were invited to compose and perform their own interpretations of works by JS Bach for the ‘Bach Alternative Compositions on Historical Basis’ event in Leipzig.

ITN1067 Intro / Overture & Saraband
ITN1067 Overture 2
ITN1067 Overture 3 / Reprise & Finale
ITN1067 Rondeau

The original and unreleased studio recordings are now available to download exclusively……

The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari – the full score

In The Nursery have made available the full score of their seminal soundtrack The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari – first released on CD in 1996.

The digital album release features a number of tracks omitted from the original CD plus re-edited cues – all designed to synchronise with DVD versions of the film (Eureka Classics……

Stone Bruises

In The Nursery continue their collaborations with Simon Beckett. They were asked by the author to create a special piece of music to help promote his new standalone thriller Stone Bruises.

The work can be purchased as a high quality lossless download at the In The Nursery Bandcamp page.

The Calling – a thematic soundtrack

In 2012 In The Nursery began work on a thematic soundtrack, inspired by and, to accompany the Hunter series of books by international bestseller Simon Beckett. The soundtrack is a mixture of new music, binaural field recordings, sound design and also includes readings by the author.

The first product of this project was Verwesung, a special……