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The Fall of the House of Usher

The Fall of the House of Usher

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In The Nursery’s new score is designed to accompany Jean Epstein & Luis Bunuel’s 1928 interpretation of Edgar Allan Poe’s classic tale of paranoia and suspense. Polish-born director Jean Epstein was heavily influenced by French Impressionism, as well as the conventions of German Expressionism. The Fall of……


In early 2013 In The Nursery collaborated with original band member Anthony Bennett to provide music and sound design to accompany ‘STAVE’, a short film by Shaun Bloodworth, part of ‘SWARFHORSE – Bespoke Cutting Edge Sheffield’ a citywide exhibition of artworks, created by sculptor Anthony and Sheffield’s last jobbing grinder Brian Alcock.


APRIRSI is an ongoing collaboration between In The Nursery and academics from the Department of Neurology at the University of Sheffield.

There is an online resource where you can listen to the pieces (use headphones for optimum experience).

The first stage of the project was showcased as part of Festival Of The Mind 2014.

In The Nursery……

Live at Camden Palace 1990

From the ITN archives – In The Nursery live at Camden Palace has been made available for digital download via iTunes.

Recorded live at Camden Palace 13th February 1990, the unreleased recording captures the band at a crucial point in their career – they had just released the milestone album L’Esprit and were about to……

Pub Scrawl

In The Nursery & Anthony Bennett collaborated on this site-specific project to produce a one-off audio and sculpture installation (a ‘cheeky peek’ at the history of the Green Room) as part of Pub Scrawl 2014.

I is for…

IN THE NURSERY – John Peel’s Record Archive as the letter ‘I’ featured artist.

John Peel’s record collection includes three In The Nursery albums (When Cherished Deams Come True, Stormhorse & Twins) – the band were interviewed about their recollections from the period and memories of John.

Aubade, which catalogues tracks……