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ITN full Digital Discography now with 75% discount

If you had ever considered purchasing the full ITN Digital Discography (57 releases) – now is the time.

The recent BandcampFriday discount was so well received that there’s 75% off for the immediate future (so just £102.98 GBP compared to the full £411.93).

Plus all purchases will receive a signed thank you from the band, along……

ITN release Sense [2021 reissue] as limited edition CD tin package

ITN are pleased to announce the release of the 5th title in their bespoke CD tin package – Sense [2021 reissue] – corp038

Featuring 18 tracks encompassing the original track listing plus period alternative versions and mixes.

Blue Religion / A Rebours / Boy Behind The Curtain / Temporis / Syntonic / Sense / Epigraph / Memoirs……

BandcampFriday – 25% discount

It’s BandcampFriday once again – that time when fees are waived and we offer a discount. So, here’s 25% off any ITN purchase on the ITN Bandcamp site – just enter the code ‘march2021’ on checkout.

best wishes

Nigel & Klive

In The Nursery

Crusaders of Space (1939) & 150-154 Devonshire Street soundtracks

We’re pleased to offer 2 unreleased short soundtracks from projects in 2014 – Crusaders of Space & 150-154 Devonshire Street.
Available now as digital download via the ITN Bandcamp page.Crusaders of Space was a futuristic amateur film made by the Derby & Parkhead Ciné Societies on 9.5mm……

ITN reissue Stormhorse as limited edition CD tin package

IN THE NURSERY reissue their classic album STORMHORSE as a limited edition CD tin package.

The exclusive package comes in a custom ITN embossed CD tin laser etched with the original Stormhorse font and includes a handmade wood block print on 125 gram bronze pearlescent paper – embossed with ITN logo, plus 3 double sided……

Miscellanea 7 + 10% discount on Bandcamp

IN THE NURSERY release MISCELLANEA 7 – their seventh (and most likely last) in the series.
Plus 10% discount on any ITN purchase as part of #BandcampFriday – 6th November.
Enter the code “november10” during checkout.

MISCELLANEA 7 is one of the most eclectic selections……

Miscellanea 6 released + 10% discount on Bandcamp

IN THE NURSERY release MISCELLANEA 6 as part of #BandcampFriday fee waiver day and offer a 10% discount on any ITN purchase.
Enter the code “october10” during checkout.
For MISCELLANEA 6, ITN have found some forgotten mixes from 1998 – ‘Luxuriate’, ‘Arp Stuff’ & ‘Liberation’ plus ‘Ostinato’, an unreleased track from the 1988……

ITN reissue limited edition of Deco

ITN Corporation release a limited edition reissue of In The Nursery’s 1996 album Deco.

Custom ITN embossed & laser etched DVD tin (190 mm x 135 mm x 12 mm), hinged with clear plastic tray insert.

Package includes a handmade lino print, hand embossed with ITN logo plus gold ink stamp, and double sided colour insert.

Both insert……

Miscellanea 3 release details + 20% discount on Bandcamp

IN THE NURSERY will release MISCELLANEA 3 on Friday (3rd July) as part of #BandcampFriday fee waiver day.

MISCELLANEA 3 is the third in a series of compilations collating unreleased ITN instrumentals, remixes and rarities.

ITN will also be offering a 20% discount on any purchase on their Bandcamp site*. Simply……

Signed ITN CD packages on Bandcamp

On Friday June 19th (from midnight to midnight PDT), and every Juneteenth thereafter, Bandcamp will be donating 100% of their share of sales to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

To Stand with Bandcamp and help Support Racial Justice, Equality, and Change, ITN Corporation are making available 5 signed CD packages*;

2CD Optical……