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corp006     £8.99  NEW

STORMHORSE ~ ITN's classic soundtrack to an imaginary film - available as a limited edition re-issue, including original Sweatbox Records inlay and ITN Corporation 4 page booklet.

Tracklisting - Tempest / Subito-Regal-Miracle Of The Rose I / The Empty Fortress / Hunting Theme / Hit / Portamento / Stormhorse / Nightshade / Leggiero-World Of The Newborn / Dolente / Counterpart Miracle Of The Rose II / Blind Me / Elegy reprise / Elegy.



corp009     £8.99  NEW

TWINS ~ ITN's first full length album - available as a limited edition re-issue, including original ITN Corporation CD inlay and 4 page booklet.

Tracklisting - Timbre / Twins / Workcorps / Profile 63 / Huntdown / The Outsider / Judgement Of paris / Joaquin / + / Intertwine / Breach Birth / Arm Me Audacity / Butyrki.


 corp033 CD    £9.99  NEW

THE CALLING ~ new soundtrack album from IN THE NURSERY.

The Calling is a thematic soundtrack inspired by the Hunter series of books by international bestseller Simon Beckett. A mixture of new music, binaural field recordings, sound design, foley and readings by the author.

Tracklisting - Tenure 1 / Final Metamorphosis / Ensnare / Capture and Control / Third Movement / Tenure 2 / Swarm / Inhale / Aspect Dawn / Afterimage / Indicia / 3 am / Entoptics / Thanatophilia / Tiled Room / Black Tor / The Calling / Portal / Foul and Feral / Mortify / Tenure 3


 corp013 CD    £8.99  

FEATHERCUT ~ IN THE NURSERY's alter-ego side-project album that enabled them to experiment with and explore their interest in more dance related music. Long since deleted and out of stock but now available (limited stock).

Tracklisting - Feathercut / Carroussella / Empty Drama / Compliance / Cyflo / Miracle Road / Late Poem / Japanese Secret / Big Spark

Rediscovered old stock - mint condition.


 corp029 CD    £8.99  

ERA ~ One of IN THE NURSERY's best selling albums, out of stock but now available (limited stock).

Tracklisting - Blueprint / Futurebuild / Material & Form / Silent in Time / Tempered Wings / Vantage / Kryptka / Imperfect Design / Dogfight / Landlost

Rediscovered old stock - mint condition.


 corp014 CD    £8.99  

DECO ~ Deco features a collection of 11 atmospheric works that pay homage to the aesthetic styles and influences of the 1920's Art Deco Movement. Refined arrangements beautifully augmented by live oboe and flute, all interwoven by the sultry voice of Dolores Marguerite C. Long since deleted and out of stock but now available (limited original stock).

Tracklisting - Deco / Precedent / Syracuse / Mallarme / Woman / Cedione / Caprice / Mandra / Bassilica / Harmonia / Moreau

Rediscovered old stock - mint condition.


 corp015 CD    £8.99  

THE CABINET OF DR CALIGARI ~ This specially commissioned score for the classic silent film 'The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari' was IN THE NURSERY's first venture with Optical Music series. The 60 minute soundtrack presents a distinct and modern accompaniment inspired by the startling expressionistic imagery of the 1919 German movie. Long since deleted and out of stock but now available (limited stock)

Tracklisting - Opening / Act I / Town Hall / Fairground / Act II / Das Kabinet / Holstenwall / Somnambulist's Prophecy / Doctor's House / After the Funeral / Police Station / Caligari Sleeps / Sanitarium / Ende

Rediscovered old stock - mint condition.


 corp011 CD    £8.99  

SCATTER ~ "Scatter is that rare beast among career-spanning compilations, a collection that both serves as an excellent introduction to the band's oeuvre, and packed with enough fine obscurities and new treats to make it equally essential for longtime fans." AllMusic Guide. Long since deleted and out of stock but now available (limited original stock).

Tracklisting - Libertaire / Belle Epoque (Scatter Mix) / Mystere / Huntdown / The Pearl / Tempest / Twins (Decade Mix) / Epitaph / To The Faithful / The Painter / Seraphic / The 17th Parallel / Sixth Sense / Workcorps (Fiststyle) / Haunted Dancehall / Miracle of the Roase II

Rediscovered old stock - mint condition.


 TM 8976 2 CD    £8.99  

ANATOMY OF A POET ~ IN THE NURSERY's classic concept album examining the self-destructive nature of creative artists, featuring readings by Colin Wilson. Original Third Mind version - long since deleted and out of stock but now available (limited quantity).

Tracklisting - Bombed / Anatomy of a Poet / In Perpetuum / Motive / Hallucinations? (dream world mix) / Blue Lovers / Paper Desert / Byzantium / The Seventh Seal / The Golden Journey / Touched with Fire

Rediscovered old stock - mint condition.



3 x CD    £14.99  

EXTENDED TRIPLE OFFER ~ Purchase any 3 from the following list for the special price of just ÔŅĹ14.99 GBP.




















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corp032 CD    £9.99  

BLIND SOUND special edition ~ the latest studio album from IN THE NURSERY.

This special edition is issued in an embossed CD tin with 260gsm Trucard printed insert and braille label sticker.

Tracklisting - Artisans of Civilisation / Past Glory / Blind Sound / Crepuscule / Trial by Error / Coloured Silence / Lectern / Crave / Resonate / Overtone


 corp032 CD    £7.99  

BLIND SOUND ~ the latest studio album from IN THE NURSERY.

Regular CD issued in a standard jewel case with 200gsm 8-page printed booklet.

Tracklisting - Artisans of Civilisation / Past Glory / Blind Sound / Crepuscule / Trial by Error / Coloured Silence / Lectern / Crave / Resonate / Overtone



corp031 CD    £7.99  

AUBADE ~ is a comprehensive collection of recordings made by IN THE NURSERY during their formative years 1983 - 1985.

Aubade is also the title of the opening track by ITN from their debut concert in Sheffield on 21st June 1981 and is included as an exclusive unreleased live bonus track.

CD packaging includes 8 page booklet with unseen original photography from the period.

Tracklisting - Mystery / Stone Souls / A to I / Remain / Patter / Execution's Romance / Witness (To A Scream) /E984 / Iskra / Sentient / Deus ex Machina / Lost Prayer / And Your Eyes / Breach Birth / Joaquin / Arm Me Audacity / Butyrki / Aubade.


  badge    £2.50  NEW

ITN Enamel Badge ~ Classic ITN logo (nickel plate and black) on 22mm hand polished enamel badge.

Supplied with a lapel stud and butterfly clutch fastener.

PLEASE NOTE - badges can ONLY be purchased with CDs but will be shipped free.


 corp030 CD    £7.99  

THE PASSION OF JOAN OF ARC ~ optical music soundtrack by IN THE NURSERY

17 tracks

78 minutes


 corp028 CD    £7.99  

ELECTRIC EDWARDIANS ~ the sixth title in ITN's acclaimed Optical Music Series.

The CD features 31 new pieces of music (duration 66 minutes) specially composed by ITN for 'Electric Edwardians - the films of Mitchell & Kenyon' as commissioned by the BFI.

"Quite possibly In The Nursery's finest hour". Dark Star Organisation.


 corp027 CD    £7.99  

A PAGE OF MADNESS ~ ITN's 5th Optical Music soundtrack to accompany the 1926 Avant Garde Japanese silent.


 corp010 CD    £7.99  

L'ESPRIT ~ New re-issue of ITN's classic and best selling album.

Includes timeless tracks To The Faithfull, L'esprit & Sesudient.

18 tracks.


 corp002 CD    £7.99  

AN AMBUSH OF GHOSTS ~ the feature length original soundtrack composed by ITN in 1993. Previously deleted and unavailable the complete score has been digitally remastered and includes an unreleased bonus track"When I Write to You", recorded in 1995.

"IN THE NURSERY's score is crucial and adds considerably to the films's emotional resonance" - Variety Magazine


 corp025 CD    £7.99  

CAUSE + EFFECT ~ A unique collection of exclusive remixes of ITN material picked from their back catalogue. Includes ASSEMBLAGE 23, FLESH FIELD, FAITH & THE MUSE, CHANDEEN, AND ALSO THE TREES, HAUJOBB, ATTRITION & ITN's own version of 'Love Will Tear Us Apart'.


 corp024 CD    £7.99  

ENGEL ~ Inspired by and specially created for the multi-media game project, ‘Engel’ features unique new recordings of classic ITN tracks - ‘Blue Religion’ & ‘To The Faithful’ alongside new material including ‘Angelorum’ & ‘Beutereiter’, creating a highly atmospheric album intended to both enhance and work independently.


 corp023 DCD    £7.99  

HINDLE WAKES ~ ITN's score captures the spirit, passion and poignancy of the film with a modern accompaniment designed to introduce new audiences to archives from the silent era.


 corp004 CD    £7.99  

EXHIBIT ~ Compiled in association with Arteria Records (Mexico City), 'EXHIBIT' represents an essential collection and snapshot of IN THE NURSERY's recorded work between 1986 and 1998.


 corp022 CD    £7.99  

GROUNDLOOP ~ features 8 new tracks from the Humberstone brothers, taking their unique filmic music to the next level; moments of intense orchestral percussion, passages of unnerving beauty and vocals courtesy of linguist Dolores Marguerite C.


 corp021 CD    £7.99  

MAN WITH A MOVIE CAMERA ~ ITN's third soundtrack for classic silent films, part of the acclaimed Optical Music Series. The score utilises the latest music technology to create a syncopated and alluring soundtrack that embraces the progressive film making of director Vertov.


 corp020 CD    £7.99  

DUALITY ~ "originally released by Third Mind Records in 1992. The album contains a never-ending collection of classic ITN tracks including the cult German club hit 'Corruption'. Bonus tracks 'Always (strive to be)' and 'Desiderata'.


 corp019 CD    £7.99  

LINGUA ~ explores the emotional global resonance of language through phonemic performances of Mayan, Slavonic, Japanese, Mexican, French, Hispanic and even lost ancient Italian texts about love, freedom, the earth, the universe and the unknown set to shimmering washes of cinematic landscapes. "Floatation tank, mind-floating tranquility". "language makes thought possible, for language is thought"


 corp017 CD    £7.99  

ASPHALT ~ one of the last great German Expressionist Films of the 1920's, re-discovered and released with a new soundtrack by 'In The Nursery' - the second in their acclaimed Optical Music Series. This moving score combines classical arrangements, evocative electronic keyboards and rapturous grooves. Like the film, it is both seductive and intriguing.


 corp016 CD    £7.99  

COBALT ~ an eclectic fusion of diverse inspiration, digital experimentation and sound manipulation. "The title track 'Cobalt' takes The Chemical Brothers on at their own game...but with the added bonus of lush orchestral strings, as if performed by 'deaf musicians' - playing from the heart. All in all 'COBALT' contains a perverse collection of wondrous sounds". Supplemented with contributions by Beaumont Hannant along with guest remixers The Protagonist and Lunatic Eclipse.


 corp005 CD    £7.99  

COMPOSITE ~ limited edition release, individually numbered, containing an 8-page colour booklet and 2 new mixes. "From the strident classical opening of 'Libertaire' and Enyaesque 'Belle …poque' the neo-classical crossover of ITN, coupling military snare and softly spoken French vocals gives Composite a unique 'filmic' sound. An overall feeling of emotive 'class' pervades throughout. The two unreleased tracks - 'Always (strive to be)' and instrumental version of 'Anatomy Of A Poet' are a fitting finale."


  Promo Set    £6.50  

Assorted Collection ~ includes minimum of 15 assorted postcards & promotional material (autographed on request).

Request autographs

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